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Curious and wanting to experience

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Practical examples If you have Curjous problem grasping the curiosity concept when interacting with other people, here are examples of questions a curious person would start asking themselves when they meet somebody different from them or somebody they dislike: How are we different? So many people and almost all social systems purposely stifle curiosity.

I had so many questions about the experience that the questions themselves kept me going. And our brain loves to rest and save energy. If people are fed up with you constantly asking questions, find more people who are willing to share their knowledge.

Curiosity is the number one trait of awesome people

It all starts with wanting to know more. In a study conducted in Japanresearchers surveyed year olds on their overall curiosity as well as their life satisfaction, sensitivity to social rejection, and experiences with social rejection and social inclusion. How can I make this more fun?

Here are some tips for shifting our attention and boosting curiosity. You want to talk with them again and again.

The main reason for that is because with curiosity, you can easily get engaged, commit to understanding, acquire new knowledge and deliver without real effortand people see that very quickly, love it and want to be a part of it. It makes you smarter.

While being passionate about something naturally renders you curious to know as much as you can about it, it also works the other way around: The more curiosity you can muster for something, the more likely you are to notice wantinh learn about it, and thus the more interesting and meaningful it will become for you over time. Social Relationships It is far easier to form and maintain satisfying, ificant relationships when you demonstrate an attitude of openness and genuine interest.

The power of curiosity

So I want to talk about the reasons why I think curiosity is one of the most you not get bored when you are curious, you constantly want to learn and experience​. Curious Curiohs cope better with rejection We all can encounter difficulties in our social relationships from time to time. You have to be one step ahead of social Curious and wanting to experience, an average life strategy and all kinds of expectations of other people about what you should be doing.

Try it again — this time with a mind wiped clean of expectations. A report in the journal Health Psychology described a two-year study involving more than 1, patients that found higher levels of curiosity were also experiemce with a decreased likelihood of developing hypertension and diabetes. Even if I knew my parents would be furious that I was demolishing something to learn how it works or what its characteristics are, that never stopped me from feeding my curious mind.

I do mean extremely curious.

Smart is the new sexy. All of which suggests that cultivating more curiosity in your daily life is likely to make you smarter. I wanted to learn how to drive a car before I could even ride a small bicycle.

So I want to talk about the reasons why I think curiosity is one of the most important values you have expetience develop and nurture carefully. More than any other kind of knowledge we fear knowledge of ourselves, knowledge that might transform our self-esteem and our self-image. In addition, curious participants better predicted how well they were received by confederates.

This often sparks resentment, hostility, communication breakdowns and a lack of interest in spending time together only adding to the initial problem. The pairs took turns asking and answering a series of questions that moved from less to more intimate in nature—e. In one study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology inresearchers Curious and wanting to experience predicted that high novelty-seeking or highly curious toddlers wznting have higher IQs as older children than toddlers with lower levels of curiosity.

Want to know how?

Why curious people have better relationships

Other people may find it annoying from time to time, Curlous I think that curiosity is my one personality characteristic that helped me achieve a few successes that I had in my life so far. A window of opportunity and willingness opened for these participants that had been ly closed off by their preconceived ideas.

There is always a way to nurture your curiosity, no matter how rigid and narrow-minded the people and systems around you are. The majority of Americans expeience less than 20 percent of each day doing what could be termed very engaging, enjoyable and meaningful activities such as talking with close friends, bonding with loved onescreating, playing, or pursuing a spiritual practice. Meaning If we are going to find a meaningful purpose or calling in lifechances are good experiencr will find it in something that unleashes our natural curiosity and fascination.

Watning a recent study, researchers asked people to do something they reported disliking and pay attention to three novel features when they did it. A larger social system is set for masses and if you want to have a working system for a large Curious and wanting to experience people, there is no room for deviations, curiosity and individualization.

Buy for others

Watch a lecture online. Curiosity—the desire to approach novel and challenging ideas and being curious seems to protect people from negative social experiences.

I hope you see where the mental direction and effort are going. Choose one of these ho-hum activities and, as you do it, search for any three novel or unexpected things about it. They seek to understand the perspectives of others, and are willing to sit in ambiguity, open and curious without being invested in the outcome. Knowing many different things enables you to connect hidden patterns and generate new ideas.

Soon you can see how you are becoming a wiser and more interesting person. Other studies have shown that high levels of curiosity in adults are connected to greater analytic ability, problem-solving skills and overall intelligence. The ability to shelve a sense of being right in favor of being open to the insights and opinions of others is a trait of curious people, says Sue Heilbronner, cofounder and CEO of MergeLanean accelerator program that focus on female-run companies.

Curiosity can help us create meaning, discover our passions, help us learn and even boost performance.

8 habits of curious people

Because he was constantly scanning odd and bizarre shapes for celebrity resemblances, the day moved quickly. At least not until you read Curiouz the end of this article. It forces everyone involved from a passive mental state to an active one. Now you are an adult, now you understand that, so you can bring out your curious inner child again and start playing.