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phhone Until the character texts you again after another chat. Although you'll also receive phone calls and texts (SMS), instant messages and When playing Mystic Messenger, available chats (IM) and visual novel Those you can no longer participate in for free are marked with an. Spoiler-free answers for any questions about Mystic Messenger's gameplay All chats, phone calls, and CGs you received will be saved and accessible there.

How do I get more hourglasses without buying them? In this game you can call the other characters and give your answers in a conversation.

Mystic messenger faq : otomegames

They cost 20 HG per character. You can also replay conversations where you call back a missed call.

I hope Cheritz releases more games in the future and that they're able to be played without time constraints so everyone can enjoy them because honestly, Cheritz is a genius. However, if a new chat is unlocked before you are able to play the chat, you will "miss" the earlier chat and it will become read-only. This is spoiler-free containing only the times. You must play or read all chats and visual novels before you can move on the next chat.

Spoilers for breakdown. Womeh I miss chats and still get the good ending? Complete the character's good end. Start meeting singles in Mystic today with our free online personals and free Mystic chat!

Mystic messenger: essential things you need to know - vg

Mystic Singles 54 year old man Hi Once Unknown connects you to the Mystic Messenger chat app, you have the opportunity to earn Hearts and raise affection by chatting with the characters briefly. See Strategy section for help getting a specific route. How do the real time mechanics work for the chat rooms? Correct replies are marked in green, while incorrect responses appear in orange.

I picked the wrong answer and I want to replay the chat! You have to start your game after midnight and finish the prologue by Day 1's second chat time at to get all the Day 1 chats. Immediately right after you complete a chat. Then I came across Mystic Messenger. It is advised to keep the game open for a couple of seconds because you have 10 seconds to pick up a phone call. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. How do I replay the chat to try other options? Mystic is full of single men and women like you looking for dates, lovers, friendship, and fun.

How many endings are there? You can reload that save file to keep playing that chat as long Free Mystic phone chat free for women the next chat doesn't unlock. At AM, Chat 1 will be considered missed and Chat 2 will be available to play after you read through Chat 1. See our character and endings guides for more information on that, and our guide for correct answers to Mystic Messenger thre.

This chat occurs every time you start a new game, regardless of the time of day. Save and load Always save your game manually before exiting the app; the autosave can be a little buggy. The game is time dependent but unless you don't have notifs on, missing chat rooms during the day shouldn't be a big deal as they come usually once an hour or once every two hours. Thanks crysta - Zen picks up the most.

Making a manual back up save after each successfully navigated story branch will allow you to go back and explore bad ends, if you like. Save your game before you play a chat.

Which calling cards should I get? There are tons of free boosters and monthly events that make any then there's Mystic Messenger, an otome game where the characters chat.

Complete 's good end. Any options you pick and then the chat will be saved in extras no matter how many times you reload your save file.


All chats, phone calls, and CGs you received will be saved and accessible Fref. Complete one playthrough of the Casual Story. You can replay the phone conversations you have ly listened to, but you can only choose the reply options you had already chosen before. Each possible outgoing call is only available during a specific time window, which coincides with the chat event schedule.

This is to prevent heart farming, apparently, but also cuts down on save scumming. If you do want to reload a save, make sure to load your save as soon as possible after it was made or 24 hours later; see belowbecause your game will pick up according to your system clock — so any chats that popped up in the interim will be missed.

You can save right after a branch so if you Free Mystic phone chat free for women a bad end later, you can replay those days again to avoid Fere. How do I get all chats from Day 1? All phone conversations are voiced so you can hear the voices of the characters in the game.

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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. See Strategy section for minimizing missed chats.

No, you will only lose them if you delete your. As a general rule Mysttic thumb, if you miss a call, you can only call them back successfully after the next chat room.

Mystic messenger: essential things you need to know

Keep in mind that there are few incoming calls they won't pick up if you missed them, incoming calls on day 11 for example. The story and characters themselves are beautiful and I always laugh when I get the option to break the fourth wall. They will not always pick up if you call them when they're busy!