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I Searching Nsa How to date atlas mason jars

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How to date atlas mason jars

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The question of course arises though of how accurately, over time, people will distinguish those older jars from the newer ones. Beware of very strong colors which may indicate a reproduction or irradiated glass.

Atlas mason jars for home canning - healthy canning

Compare to Recent Sales Prices You can get a sense of your jar's value by comparing it to others that have recently sold. Consider the Color Color is another important factor. The earliest E-Z Seal jars are from and are amber glass; they are among the most valuable. It was in very good condition and included the lid. Check kason mold seams. We have not yet been able to find out how they acquired the rights to use the Atlas name for this.

However, there are a of ways to tell how old your Atlas Mason jar might be.

How to date atlas jars

Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason - A "strong shoulder" is a ledge above the rounded "shoulder" of the jar but masin the thre for screwing on the top. The E-Z Seal is a lightening jar, a de which has a distinctive glass bubble lid or stopper clamped to the jar with a wire bail.

This would increase the risk of the jar too when used for canning. You'll find these in many sizes. The same molds were used for multiple years, and it's very common to find reproduction jars with older dates on them. Earlier may have distortions in the glass. Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes and the nostalgic memories they evoke.

Most Atlas jars will have these seems. In general, exotic shades like amber, purple, and green will fetch more. It should have a Hazel-Atlas glass mark that shows an Hwo underneath a large capital H. Not the Only Canning Jar Company While they produced many beautiful old jars, Hazel-Atlas wasn't the only canning jar company out there.

Check the Texture of the Glass Take a moment to lightly run your fingers over the surface of the jar. You may mxson nicks and chips, but pay special attention to waves or ripples in the glass.

Once a common, inexpensive, household item, some old canning jars now come with a healthy price tag. And to be clear, this is not an endorsement of their re-use, however old they are: it is just a survey of the topic.

Or does it say "Atlas Mason"? Older jars made by the Hazel-Atlas company dage say "Atlas," while newer models made after the company was acquired may say "Atlas Mason. The Hazel Atlas mark: a A nested underneath a larger H. It may say "Atlas" or have the Hazel-Atlas glass mark on the side.

How to date and value atlas mason jars | lovetoknow

It included the glass lid and was in excellent condition. The other ones, which use outdated closure systems which proved less reliable, should only be used for dry storage. Vivid or unusual colors, bright wire on the bails, oddly wrapped wire and a greasy feel to the glass are all indicators of recently made or reproduction jars. Avoid comparing your jar to those currently listed for sale, since sellers can ask any price they like.

After all, why would they? During s and '50s, the company was one of the hw producers of canning jars along with competitors Ball and Kerr.

Look for the following: Atlas E-Z Seal - This jar style is round, featuring a bail and integrated glass lid. Many of us remember our mother, grandmother or favorite aunt displaying a hand-picked bouquet of msson in a pretty blue-green quart jar. How to tell real genuine Atlas Mason jars.

How to date and value atlas mason jars

Inspect the glass in how to date atlas mason jars light to find scratches, cracks or fractures. Note the color. Many of us remember our. Examine the Jar's Condition Jars in excellent condition are worth the most, all other factors being equal. You may see at yard sales or flea markets real, genuine Atlas Mason jars, made by the Hazel-Atlas company, floating.

As with any important antique, if you suspect you have a jar that's worth money, it's wise to have it professionally appraised. Workers would have hand-tooled the lip into shape after the lower part of the jar was blown into the mold. Note the Name Does the jar say "Atlas"? Check for cracks, chips, scratches and other s of damage. Later machine-made examples are more uniform. Examine the writing on the jar itself.

May 19, - Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes amson the nostalgic memories they evoke. Check the style and color. The absence of a mold seam on the lip indicates the jar was finished by hand.

How to date atlas jars | our pastimes

However, it may also be a very rare find. The Atlas Strong Masob Mason has heavier glass below the jar neck to prevent it from cracking easily. Early Atlas jars may show a seam below the lip. Many of us. Actual Atlas Mason jars.